Enjoy every moment of your holiday

Discover the towers

The Gargano coast is also unique, with the presence of numerous ancient towers, built to defend the land from the invasion of Greeks, Byzantines, Slavs and Albanians.
If you want to take the Gargano coast going to the discovery of the towers – Saracen Tower, Tower of Portogreco, Torre San Felice, Torre di Porticello, Tower Calalunga, Gusmay Tower, Sfinale Tower, Tower of Monte Pucci, just to name a few – can consult the book ‘Torri costiere della Capitanata’ by Romano Starace.

Fly over the sea

You’re in the right place for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Not only rest and relax, at the Sea Garden Club you can have fun practicing your favorite sport.
The Gargano, in particular Vieste, are the best places in Italy for those who practice these disciplines.

Visiting trabucchi

Watching them from a distance might seem huge spiders.
They are the trabucchi, tools for fishing, built with the wood of Aleppo pines that resists salt.
ome trabucchi were converted into restaurants where you can enjoy an aperitif, lunch or dinner near the sea.

And much more…

So much to do and see on the Gargano.

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